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What an AWESOME weekend!

Hard to believe -- 20 YEARS?!

School Story:

Memories form PHS -
The cars everyone had!
My orange Mustang (oh, the times). Cleaves kissing the ground, Ott hanging out the back dragging, "the door just fell off", passing the tractors on the way to Spring Break (we are all living on borrowed time), going to "Dodson's grave" with Wyatt (how bid were his eyes?) and Frank; Mr. C stopping us skipping class, "Jeff, could you get the red cars license plate? I think they are skipping class!" Countless! Only fitting, I totaled it on a telephone pole on Cone Blvd at the Driver's Ed parking lot!
Parker's grey '65 Mustang (Armoralling the seats for double dates).
Paul's Carolina Blue (the irony) Bug (the yellow jacket incident).
Mark's red Conorona???
Ott's Jeep (bagelling).
What a sight outside Mike Parker's wreck room window.
Katie's Cutlass.
Cameron's Bug.
Katherine's VW. God, with gas prices today......

Sporting events!
Homecoming at Kathryn's house.
1986 State Championship football game, still INCREDIBLE!
Trevin and I doing the school spirit thing!
Traveling to all the away games.
Wyatt always stretching before games!!

Mike Ward escorting me dressed up as a pregnant women and Wyatt's huge breast! For the male homecoming court.

Parker's wreck room! Again countless! Every night starting there. The sleeping bag on the pool table. Jumping in the 58 degree pool (stupid), playing pool. The beer hiding place. The birth of "THE TAPE" (I wish I had it on my IPOD). "Who Put The Pepper In the Vaseline?" Just awesome!

Ott's band! Singing "You lost that lovin' feeling" outside a girl's window. Patrick in the year book room late one night and Mrs. Patty ask "is he OK"!

But the best! 1988 Spring Break! My shock at Richard, Mike Ott's legendary week. My first drinking experience (no wonder I drink so much beer today). Me playing quarters with Sprite (talk about getting sick!) Ott's drum solo with pots and spoons. "Da Butt"!The Spartanburg connection. 4 hairs! Yoko, OH NO!!! The air conditioner on fire. All the alcohol my brother bought.

Great times! Just the tip of the iceberg. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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Jeff and Trev kickin' it after 15+ years apart!
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Benji, Trevin, Jeff, and Juli
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Jeff, Merdith, Bob(hubby)
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The Queen's (Mark/Jeff)
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Teddy, Jeff, William
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DA' Felles- Trevin, Brett, Paul, Jeff, Mark (Mike Parker, Mike Ott missing)
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Jeff, Katheryn, Kevin
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Jeff and Trevin 5:00AM and 40 beers!
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" Chillin' " in Kauai 2008
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Fishing for Reds in Sarasota 2007